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I'm not a body man, I'm a business man. And all I know is that every body shop I ever went to gouged me. They charged me for things that weren't necessary. They painted parts that would never have been seen and charged hundreds of dollars for it. And that was just the beginning. Insurance companies allow it because they keep your deductible. Then, your rates go up.


Well, I'd had enough! If you're like me, you've stopped putting minor fender benders through insurance so your rates won't go up. You're paying out of your pocket for repairs. You need it cheap, you need it good and you need it now. Bingo. That's us.


I opened A Cheap Body Shop to be an alternative to the expensive insurance-based shops. I'm for the people who are paying for it themselves. I encourage people to get an estimate from a big body shop or to get an insurance quote. Then just bring it to us and we'll beat it by a lot - usually at least 35%. We'll save you your deductible and more. Put that money in your pocket. And now, especially when times are tough, that's more important than ever.



Steve Klein

With fewer people buying new cars, we can keep your old one looking good and lasting longer by fixing those little bumps and dings and giving your car a fresh new paint job. It'll look great, you'll feel great and it's cheap! A whole lot cheaper than buying a new car. And when you're ready to sell, you'll get more for it!


Face it. The way to keep our prices so cheap is by keeping our overhead low. So, I won’t lie to you - our shop is ugly. It’s crammed with cars and machines and some of the best body men in the business. But, it’s not fit for the public, so, in most cases, we’ll pick up your damaged vehicle (if it can be driven) and return it to you finished at no extra charge. We can also tow it to the shop. It takes the hassle out of the experience for you and the embarrassment of an ugly shop out of it for me.


We know that you may be paying for a rental car, so we promise the fastest turn-around possible - often WEEKS faster than the big shops. We can also arrange discounted rental rates.


Sorry, we discourage credit cards. To keep costs down, we only accept cash, insurance checks made out to us, cashier’s checks or money orders.


Corporate Headquarters 7633 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 205, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

I was sick of high body shop prices,

so I started my own.